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Homebrew Applications

Info, discussion and support for existing Wii Homebrew applications. 
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Snes9xGX and FCEUlra GX Saving Issues

by Black_omega
3,5271207/11/2012 04:53PM
Last Post by Tantric

Why do I need IOS 202 to play DVDs on the WiiMC?

by Dark_Wolf101
5,128907/03/2012 05:01PM
Last Post by Coloradoguy

Kool-Aid Man not working on Stella

by scoobydude51
4,0191606/28/2012 12:27AM
Last Post by ICEknigh7

disk images

by lvcrpdlr
2,409306/18/2012 07:00PM
Last Post by mdbrim

Two quick questions been gone for awhile

by rjnagy
2,307106/15/2012 02:42PM
Last Post by rjnagy

Savegame Manager goes Blank

by PlanetSpunk
2,373106/12/2012 08:45PM
Last Post by PlanetSpunk

usb loader? (ROMs from USB)

by smoothiebun
4,657506/11/2012 09:22PM
Last Post by SifJar

Super mario War help!!!!!

by random766
3,9521106/10/2012 08:57PM
Last Post by DonsSword

Recompiled WiiSX, and now there's no sound?

by smoothiespampam
2,338106/10/2012 04:04PM
Last Post by smoothiespampam

Does Wii64 need a cios to work?

by Wii404
3,719506/07/2012 05:20PM
Last Post by bg4545

Wii64 Save/Load Error

by zachrubin87
2,686106/05/2012 08:01AM
Last Post by zachrubin87

Video problems

by ardcmr
2,173205/31/2012 05:30AM
Last Post by Extrems

VBA GX won't load from Wii Menu

by MiyukiMoon
3,695405/29/2012 04:54PM
Last Post by Tantric

Snes9xGx picture issues.

by Kingkool
2,320205/28/2012 07:57PM
Last Post by Kingkool

SNES9X GX Two-Player

by Roads1
3,095605/24/2012 04:05PM
Last Post by Roads1

Wii64 USB?

by Roads1
3,176405/23/2012 02:35PM
Last Post by Roads1

can i run Wii64 on a DVD-R?

by gunslingerboy
3,0941305/22/2012 07:28PM
Last Post by gunslingerboy

FCEUGX displaying VS roms in wrong colors.

by nightwishfan1
2,507505/20/2012 03:36PM
Last Post by ekeeke

WiiXplorer unzip function?

by EarlAB
2,710505/18/2012 11:04PM
Last Post by EarlAB

Wii Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight

by Baboon
5,416505/16/2012 06:47AM
Last Post by nightwishfan1

Help installing HomeBrew apps

by RamonP
2,511205/09/2012 02:34AM
Last Post by bg4545

WiiMC does not see my drive after Homebrew update

by drkernel
2,291105/09/2012 02:07AM
Last Post by drkernel

Snes9x GX Lag and Channel Installer Freeze

by jimbo1qaz
2,607605/08/2012 08:36PM
Last Post by Tantric

Giantpune's Wii NAND Tools For Mac OS X

by bg4545
7,176505/08/2012 02:35AM
Last Post by bg4545

More channels of homebrew apps?

by boot.elf
2,861505/07/2012 05:39AM
Last Post by boot.elf

More promlems :(

by Math10
2,4741105/03/2012 06:29PM
Last Post by Math10

Magnetic Encoder

by StudentWuVienna
2,260105/03/2012 04:52PM
Last Post by StudentWuVienna

Wii MC says Error Unsupported DVD.

by stinaxo
6,095505/03/2012 06:51AM
Last Post by bg4545


by punkydudester
2,289105/02/2012 08:25PM
Last Post by punkydudester

How do I get music working on WiiEngine?

by JohnDurandal
2,257104/29/2012 04:21AM
Last Post by JohnDurandal