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Homebrew Applications

Info, discussion and support for existing Wii Homebrew applications. 
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Wii Disc Update Blocker Help!!

by GunnarMunday
1,224204/24/2012 08:45AM
Last Post by bg4545

cheat manager 0.3 error

by Jchapman6689
2,8321604/14/2012 09:57PM
Last Post by mrbedlamman

STILL LOOKING: CODER NEEDED! Game almost finished! I can pay you!

by Yoghurt
2,6201404/12/2012 02:31PM
Last Post by M4dH4TT3r

How do I tell what music is playing in this app?

by Toastypk
1,248104/12/2012 08:30AM
Last Post by Toastypk

SNES9XGX controller issues

by Bionicfemme
3,420904/07/2012 01:02AM
Last Post by web25

can the wii read zip files???

by niloc
4,688804/05/2012 04:46PM
Last Post by SifJar

WiiSX won't load games from USB.

by ThePalmtopTiger
16,0161903/27/2012 04:36AM
Last Post by bg4545

Accio Hacks in homebrew

by Hacker213
1,746103/26/2012 02:12PM
Last Post by Hacker213


by xenowar666
1,634103/26/2012 02:01AM
Last Post by xenowar666

Wii Casino released!

by mdbrim
2,0201403/22/2012 10:58PM
Last Post by yskysk

I have a Question about Savegame Manager

by MaiyaRyioa
1,360103/18/2012 09:55PM
Last Post by MaiyaRyioa

problem with super nintendo channel emulator

by web25
1,564103/18/2012 06:33AM
Last Post by web25

Exception (DSI) Occurred

by BeWop
29,9391403/13/2012 05:19AM
Last Post by tueidj

WiiSX crashed upon memory card read.

by gamax92
1,624103/13/2012 03:17AM
Last Post by gamax92

Snes9x, turbo mode problems?

by Einea5mk
2,601303/11/2012 03:10PM
Last Post by Einea5mk

SNES9x GX - Aspect Ratio Incorrect (Screen Comparison)

by philexile
4,6381903/07/2012 07:57AM
Last Post by vaguerant

Savegame manager RET -1

by smb3master
1,346103/06/2012 05:44PM
Last Post by smb3master

Cheating with WIISX/64

by Tsesi86
2,113303/05/2012 06:45AM
Last Post by vaguerant

Forced 480P on Gamecube with component cable

by dustcleaner
2,178402/29/2012 12:07PM
Last Post by dustcleaner

PJ64 on Wii

by acastillo980
2,351502/28/2012 06:43PM
Last Post by SifJar

snes9x gx only 3 menu options? what gives?

by Greenblood
1,267102/28/2012 03:19AM
Last Post by Greenblood

help with gecko - no launch channels option

by raeht
2,135502/26/2012 12:20AM
Last Post by SifJar

How to request/suggest a feature right to TANTRIC?

by cospefogo
2,1921002/25/2012 07:53PM
Last Post by SeniorRatman

Snes9x 4.0.7 Classic Controller Issue   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by jhinkle
21,8395902/22/2012 06:12PM
Last Post by mibeal

USB controller support through the Retrode?

by ICEknigh7
2,5011702/21/2012 09:01PM
Last Post by ICEknigh7

Priiloader issue

by lynkynpark86
1,173102/21/2012 02:43PM
Last Post by lynkynpark86

How to implement pipe using libogc (program IPO)

by PirxThePilot
1,270202/17/2012 03:43PM
Last Post by tueidj

WiiSX can't load from USB or SD

by LegendofLink
6,192202/15/2012 11:55PM
Last Post by bg4545

CTR-GCS DacoTaco Edition - Restoring to Official Memory Cards

by MountainDrew
2,024302/14/2012 04:17AM
Last Post by MountainDrew

SMB Videos Drop Connection [Media Player Ce] [WiiMC]

by Vidus
1,681302/09/2012 06:29PM
Last Post by Vidus