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BootMii Beta

A moderated forum for discussion of the BootMii Beta. 
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Bootmii Menu

by nikojpapa
4,034211/25/2010 06:53PM
Last Post by nikojpapa

NAND veryfication failed for 1 blocks

by Allaconsole
6,562109/24/2010 09:30PM
Last Post by Allaconsole

restoring A+B+X+Y

by pepillo4
4,208309/21/2010 07:05PM
Last Post by jbc007

Strange Bootmii Install Problem

by Karrde
5,599909/18/2010 07:06AM
Last Post by Karrde

Having a new issue with BootMii, BootMii says my backup is from a different Wii!!!!

by bryceone
6,005309/15/2010 02:27AM
Last Post by bryceone

SD not working after Homebrew and BootMii update   (Pages: 1 2)

by GeauxChiro
11,3282209/14/2010 12:32AM
Last Post by NintendoFreak

NAND wipe - dead video

by MegaByte
3,567109/05/2010 10:41PM
Last Post by MegaByte
This topic has been moved.

hbc installer iso?

by GizmoTheGreen
  This topic has been moved.

homebrew channel freezes when selected from boot mii

by zinger
11,9121109/01/2010 10:22PM
Last Post by bg4545

does the new bootmii support wiimote?

by fadol
4,093408/29/2010 08:16PM
Last Post by fadol
This topic has been moved.


by HelpMiii
  This topic has been moved.

Question when upgrading bootmii

by Axel
3,789308/18/2010 10:55PM
Last Post by Axel

Boot2 Restoration Help

by ar0n
3,654108/13/2010 09:47PM
Last Post by ar0n
This topic has been moved.

Issue with HBC 1.0.7 and USB

by erikspyder
  This topic has been moved.

issue with loading

by doctorseuss
3,503108/05/2010 09:58AM
Last Post by doctorseuss

bootmii install problem

by 9468504
4,759708/04/2010 09:34AM
Last Post by 9468504

how to install the hackmii installer v0.7b

by ravi1989
5,003208/01/2010 06:25PM
Last Post by SifJar

Bootmii 0.6 vs 0.7

by fish2222
4,829207/28/2010 10:24AM
Last Post by SifJar

BootMii beta 5 autoboot

by Weasel
5,417707/28/2010 10:21AM
Last Post by SifJar

HackMii Installer v0.7 on a "Wii 4.3U Wan"

by Vingadero
7,691307/27/2010 07:53PM
Last Post by Vingadero

Bricked Wii

by rabbit02
4,413307/23/2010 11:11PM
Last Post by bg4545

Launch BootMii fail

by dee_chang
4,189107/12/2010 03:52AM
Last Post by dee_chang

HackMii Installer Download Link

by ElosnocIiw
6,7281506/19/2010 01:34PM
Last Post by SifJar

Accidental Upgrade. Restore from NAND?

by clueless123
4,649606/15/2010 07:10PM
Last Post by SifJar

Controlling Bootmii

by Smokin_House
4,949606/12/2010 12:15AM
Last Post by SifJar

BootMii menu dosen't show up

by markreidyhp
3,634306/11/2010 10:28PM
Last Post by markreidyhp


by ahmedb
3,745206/05/2010 06:59PM
Last Post by SifJar

nand restore fails (boot2v4)

by ntr2
4,584105/24/2010 08:12PM
Last Post by ntr2

ios problem cant install bootmii

by jzneter
5,244505/24/2010 08:44AM
Last Post by cactusjack901

Bootmii beta 3 (V1.0) From a Different Wii Error

by thomas83lin
14,342705/22/2010 02:03PM
Last Post by xxquatroxx