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BootMii Beta

A moderated forum for discussion of the BootMii Beta. 
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Boot problem

by Dandruff
2,198301/15/2010 08:19PM
Last Post by Dandruff

sd card formated...

by qwerty
2,472201/15/2010 02:46AM
Last Post by bg4545

Question about keys.bin structure

by bide666
3,345101/14/2010 09:42AM
Last Post by bide666

wii booting up in 2 times

by harrybeuker
2,024301/08/2010 09:29PM
Last Post by SifJar

Bootmii and infectus

by Erikie
3,267501/05/2010 02:51PM
Last Post by Erikie

Need help on installing bootmii

by Flex
2,873301/05/2010 06:33AM
Last Post by Flex

Exception (DSI) occurred! (Virgin Wii 4.1E)

by BanzaiTree
8,275412/28/2009 12:40PM
Last Post by Arikado

newbie question about BootMii

by Koohiisan
3,005412/19/2009 01:59PM
Last Post by WikiFSX

BootMii-boot2 won't show up

by superbob
3,847312/16/2009 12:27PM
Last Post by superbob

Installed boot2/SD DOES WORK/will not start tho.

by sadoway
2,491212/11/2009 02:58AM
Last Post by TopGun96

Use a nand image from bootmii v0.9 to v1.1

by itchykk
2,441312/08/2009 10:32PM
Last Post by SifJar

Restore Wii to factory settings?

by jwalk
10,944412/08/2009 07:59PM
Last Post by SifJar

Bootmii for 3.4, Need help with backup

by tea7
2,867412/08/2009 09:56AM
Last Post by tea7

Homebrew Channel booting not working.

by PetMetroid
3,249512/06/2009 12:42PM
Last Post by SifJar

BootMii IOS launches a black screen

by sand
11,804512/06/2009 12:45AM
Last Post by jwalk


by justinufer
2,652412/05/2009 09:23PM
Last Post by bg4545

Feature Request: HBC Title In Config File

by LordAshes
2,080111/30/2009 10:09AM
Last Post by LordAshes

BootMii Not Showing Up

by zaczac
4,666611/25/2009 06:23PM
Last Post by SifJar

restoremii froze help!

by darklink
2,714511/21/2009 05:33PM
Last Post by FiJiT

BootMii Beta 4 -> "dump is for a different wii"

by Sephiroth
3,730711/18/2009 12:54AM
Last Post by blazefrom183rd

Question about NAND backup/restore...   (Pages: 1 2)

by pimpsahoy
8,3472111/16/2009 10:14PM
Last Post by hotzenplotz

NON - LU64 wii - cant install boot2?

by illuzionx
3,555211/07/2009 12:24PM
Last Post by SifJar

using 2 different SD cards

by DaMummy
2,311611/02/2009 07:32PM
Last Post by pembo

Bootmii beta 2 problem

by skcheung
2,592510/31/2009 03:42PM
Last Post by SifJar

'Bootmii is not installed, too dangerous to continue' - means what exactly?

by CapBloodbeard
4,140910/28/2009 12:14PM
Last Post by WikiFSX

Strange error on Korean Wii

by djmaxi
3,878610/27/2009 09:10PM
Last Post by SifJar

i cant load the hbc from boot mii and i need it to fix Black brick

by alonso_66
3,216310/23/2009 01:00AM
Last Post by alextaylor1994

Wii Randomly Hangs at Boot

by clueo8
3,221610/22/2009 09:16PM
Last Post by pembo

Code Dump after Bootmii boot2 install

by kobalobasileus
2,174210/21/2009 04:29PM
Last Post by Sweden

BootMii beta 3: Cannot access system menu after NAND restore using corrected dump file

by sepecat
2,278210/18/2009 11:01PM
Last Post by WaxyPumpkin72