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BootMii Beta

A moderated forum for discussion of the BootMii Beta. 
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bootmii info problem

by thiefstar
2,154105/20/2010 07:38AM
Last Post by thiefstar

Restoring my wii

by Thebat
2,506105/19/2010 07:14PM
Last Post by Thebat

strange bootmii issues

by Danyael
2,579705/07/2010 07:32PM
Last Post by Danyael

Bootmii config

by Therock11
3,495404/29/2010 07:31AM
Last Post by cactusjack901

Question on bootmii file editing

by Hackrob
2,115304/23/2010 03:32AM
Last Post by WikiFSX

Just to make sure...

by lorddunlow
2,546904/21/2010 09:45PM
Last Post by cactusjack901

Safe to update with bootmii

by brianfast
2,422204/20/2010 02:43AM
Last Post by Arikado

HELP bootmii backup nand key issues black screen

by Damieonavich
3,008303/20/2010 08:29PM
Last Post by cactusjack901

BootMii Issue.

by WiiFan2012
2,411203/19/2010 01:14AM
Last Post by WaxyPumpkin72

The bootme menu dissapears in 2 secs!!!

by piratarx
2,295303/13/2010 10:19PM
Last Post by mdbrim

NAND Backup

by coholic
3,046303/11/2010 12:44PM
Last Post by Erikie

Powering off while in a GC game instead loads BootMii...

by Sonicdude41
2,283903/07/2010 10:02PM
Last Post by Sonicdude41

Mounting SD Card FAILED (-1)

by hugo
8,842503/06/2010 12:43AM
Last Post by WaxyPumpkin72

BootMii NAND

by Hollow_Dragonite
2,803703/04/2010 05:19PM
Last Post by Hollow_Dragonite

NAND FS Usage...

by Sonicdude41
2,566203/03/2010 02:33AM
Last Post by jbc007

BootMii does not boot when I turn on the Wii...

by ShadowOne333
2,891203/02/2010 10:17PM
Last Post by bg4545

BootMii Reports being "too dangerous" for restore.

by Sinani201
12,714503/02/2010 03:00AM
Last Post by jbc007

Lost Bootmii file

by hellman
3,006702/20/2010 12:58AM
Last Post by cactusjack901

Unable install bootmii as IOS OR as boot2

by esspeez
24,5831902/18/2010 04:49AM
Last Post by Arikado

Strange BootMii SD problem

by The9thSage
2,934202/14/2010 05:05AM
Last Post by The9thSage

Make bootmii autoboot to file   (Pages: 1 2)

by Kedest
10,1082302/06/2010 10:40AM
Last Post by LordAshes

bootmii boot2 vs 4.2

by mdbrim
3,424302/05/2010 02:33AM
Last Post by mdbrim

PPCSkel Printf broken?

by g_man
1,997202/04/2010 07:31AM
Last Post by g_man

Bootmii question

by Nahkranoth
2,433202/01/2010 01:21PM
Last Post by Erikie

Bootmii IOS Suggestion

by pokeglobe
2,717301/31/2010 01:19PM
Last Post by SifJar

boot2 nand backup question

by seek
2,622301/29/2010 12:26AM
Last Post by seek

Bootmii Newb

by mdbrim
2,635401/27/2010 05:02AM
Last Post by TopGun96

USBGecko Causes Bootmii to lag?

by OneUp
2,855701/26/2010 03:07AM
Last Post by WikiFSX

Boot2 Hash Question

by ambedrake
2,351701/21/2010 06:46AM
Last Post by ambedrake


by colchete
2,539401/16/2010 04:11AM
Last Post by Arikado