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BootMii Beta

A moderated forum for discussion of the BootMii Beta. 
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Boot Ver and Broadway

by pspmte
2,506210/11/2009 06:07PM
Last Post by metroid_maniac

Question about BootMii and NAND usage 3.3%

by SifJar
3,172610/10/2009 06:25PM
Last Post by pspmte

RestoreMii problems (BootMii/Boot2)

by cactusjack901
6,060610/09/2009 07:50PM
Last Post by prodigyrick

BootMii handling of page/cluster "spare data"

by parannoyed
2,672210/09/2009 04:35AM
Last Post by WikiFSX

Restore a well saved nand.bin on Wii 4.2.e

by mafiatom
6,195310/02/2009 05:09PM
Last Post by Someone

HackMii Installer v0.4 Test Version?

by Matoking
8,5682010/02/2009 02:06PM
Last Post by Matoking

Two Bugs

by pokeglobe
2,659310/01/2009 10:02PM
Last Post by pokeglobe

[Fixed] Boot2 Cannot be Assembled

by oman00339
3,697110/01/2009 01:35AM
Last Post by oman00339

Loading with bannerbomb won't work, help please.

by acevw20
5,793809/30/2009 10:01PM
Last Post by angelXwind

BootMii froze up during uninstall

by mystemo
3,720509/24/2009 06:52PM
Last Post by qwertymodo

lost sd card with bootmii files

by trunksv2
13,6441409/23/2009 09:27PM
Last Post by BaumeisterDE

Nand Backup problem?

by heretic304
3,178309/23/2009 07:41PM
Last Post by SifJar

BootMii/boot2 File Execution

by cloaknsmoke
6,218709/11/2009 06:52PM
Last Post by SifJar

Bootmii wont install dvdx

by ekolimits
3,218309/11/2009 06:51PM
Last Post by Matoking

SD Card incompatible: Could I be doing something wrong?

by raptir
2,959509/10/2009 04:28PM
Last Post by Matoking

NAND Dumpers

by malexous
3,046409/07/2009 02:42AM
Last Post by darklink

Can't restore flash with bootmii

by 1337rooster
4,139309/01/2009 03:54PM
Last Post by SifJar

Is there a way to get BootMii to autoselect "Wii" if no menu selection after a specified delay?

by wiiuser
3,422409/01/2009 01:02PM
Last Post by wiiuser

Installing BootMii public beta 3 over beta 2

by supulton
3,673709/01/2009 12:09AM
Last Post by gwipot

bootmi/boot2 stuck in installation

by nieman
3,991208/28/2009 10:54AM
Last Post by metroid_maniac

BootMii/IOS and FTPii... WTF?

by tumbaito
4,176508/19/2009 12:26AM
Last Post by tumbaito

Installing BootMii/boot2 fails on an old (~end of 2007) Wii

by sm32
6,597608/18/2009 11:14PM
Last Post by tesmil

Bootmii Install Error

by Truth101
16,728508/14/2009 11:30PM
Last Post by cactusjack901

Boot2 problems

by FireAngel40k
3,078308/13/2009 11:18PM
Last Post by TopGun96

boot 1 wont let boot2 go through

by revnmaynard
4,126708/12/2009 08:30PM
Last Post by cactusjack901

Possible Issues with BootMii beta2

by Torengo
2,604208/11/2009 05:27PM
Last Post by PhoenixTank

Nand to another system

by neardark
2,696408/10/2009 07:33PM
Last Post by Arikado

BackupMii: What means "ECC Failure (Corrected)"?

by boy2048
5,176608/09/2009 08:12AM
Last Post by wiiman

What's BootMii's IOS # (via IOS install)?

by Sonicdude41
6,330708/07/2009 08:00PM
Last Post by metroid_maniac

NAND dump keys

by jukbob12
2,950108/07/2009 06:55PM
Last Post by jukbob12