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Homebrew Applications

Info, discussion and support for existing Wii Homebrew applications. 
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VBAGX error

by Tudor
1,838501/28/2009 02:31AM
Last Post by Tudor

Snes9x GX eumlater for the wii freezes when I try to goto preferences ingame..

by chrono36
1,836301/27/2009 11:30PM
Last Post by Tudor

MPlayer dvdlib fatinitDefault failed error

by gotninja
5,221501/27/2009 08:59PM
Last Post by scoooter1

Mplayer USB access

by Sanosuke
1,084101/27/2009 02:49AM
Last Post by Sanosuke
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i dont know how to run apps

by zeusis
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Re: RPG/MUD development?

by chocovl
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Wii Internet Connection using LAN Adapter with wired connection - BIG problems - please help me!!!!

by xxsammyxx
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Network Video Strem

by kennyls
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Calling out Snes9x emu porting authors.

by panzeroceania
2,140301/21/2009 08:44AM
Last Post by panzeroceania

Supersonic Wii Video Preview!

by AerialX
2,6781301/20/2009 09:04PM
Last Post by AerialX

Capture wii screen application   (Pages: 1 2)

by ubberkid
5,4792201/20/2009 04:13AM
Last Post by bushing
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Homebrew Application: Internet with the Latest Flash

by Makmud
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Snes9x Saving?

by Zane
1,209501/19/2009 02:07PM
Last Post by Arikado

Head tracking

by Ibrewii
1,271201/19/2009 11:13AM
Last Post by technik
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Has anyone made a IE Browser for homebrew??As in like the internet channel for the wii to surf the internet....

by chrono36
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Detailed manual for the Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard

by benpaddlejones
1,285101/19/2009 05:33AM
Last Post by benpaddlejones

[FEATURE REQUESTS] Homebrew Channel - Sounds, Homebrew Ordering, Channel Intro Video Speed Up, etc

by PSPDevWuntsWiiHB
1,186901/19/2009 03:20AM
Last Post by PSPDevWuntsWiiHB

Most stable wii application for divx playback off of dvd data disc?

by Jonas
1,300201/17/2009 08:01PM
Last Post by DrLucky

HBC: cursor is upside down, was: This is a little weird

by GoldenAlchemist
2,025501/17/2009 02:13AM
Last Post by DrLucky

Homebrew Browser Question

by risingtied
1,392201/16/2009 10:54PM
Last Post by Ibrewii

Ive reviewed all the nes emulators out there that exsist for pc and Ive come to a conclusion(concerns fceugc)

by chrono36
1,230201/16/2009 03:43AM
Last Post by Tantric

Re: Complete noob question

by Legend28469
1,4221101/16/2009 01:28AM
Last Post by BitLooter

Gecko OS as a channel ?

by Benellten
1,704901/15/2009 10:03PM
Last Post by Benellten

a few problems with homebrew

by jassim
1,673901/15/2009 08:26PM
Last Post by jassim

How do you cheat on fceultra for homebrew??

by chrono36
1,480101/15/2009 09:19AM
Last Post by chrono36

Boot-it Issues

by benjgvps
1,802101/15/2009 01:31AM
Last Post by benjgvps

Guitar Fun vs Frets on Fire! (Port?)

by Snikkers91
4,9641001/13/2009 11:25PM
Last Post by drchink

Application to transfer Wii Sports score data

by oppo
1,536101/13/2009 02:20AM
Last Post by oppo
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Apps dont show up on homebrew

by nayajay23
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Visual boy advance

by AidanR084
1,057201/12/2009 01:31PM
Last Post by bobstar89