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Homebrew Applications

Info, discussion and support for existing Wii Homebrew applications. 
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Saving problems with vbagx

by TableSaltGamer
2,984206/16/2015 08:18PM
Last Post by Eekum

SD/SDHC only apps

by Retrosapien
3,083106/09/2015 03:47PM
Last Post by Retrosapien

Noob seeking help

by BrodeyT
2,791104/28/2015 01:26PM
Last Post by BrodeyT

Homebrew apps to change controls of controllers

by spectrum123
2,941103/23/2015 07:26PM
Last Post by spectrum123

Snes9xGX SRAM and Cheats

by Natural
3,587303/09/2015 11:48PM
Last Post by Natural

I can't get Wiiware/VC cheats to work

by Kane123
6,7921202/06/2015 09:45AM
Last Post by makhy14

Guide to convert Virtual Console game saves to use with homebrew emulators

by TheManuel
20,2202002/05/2015 07:03AM
Last Post by oliver024

Not64 not loading full games

by nowayout86
3,236102/04/2015 05:30AM
Last Post by nowayout86

Wii U not installing Custom Miis...

by Felix98star
2,707102/03/2015 05:18PM
Last Post by Felix98star

sega genplus, play 32x games in emulation

by dirtrider73068
7,207901/11/2015 06:57AM
Last Post by mykalccook

Homebrew Browser Music not working

by punkydudester
3,106601/02/2015 09:23PM
Last Post by punkydudester

JzintvWii - Problem with games

by punkydudester
2,723212/22/2014 09:59AM
Last Post by TopGun96

FCE Ultra GX v3.2.3 saving game

by freddievanhalen3
3,887512/22/2014 09:17AM
Last Post by lawngig

wiiradio crash

by jlenoconel
3,859908/28/2014 10:01AM
Last Post by scissorhands

Snes9x Wii, Magna Braban, Blue/Black Scan Lines?

by shabbywizard
2,832108/27/2014 08:21PM
Last Post by shabbywizard

How To Contact Tantric, Author of FCE GX For Wii

by infidelity
2,843207/11/2014 07:11AM
Last Post by pharmville

Any Region Changer app Doesn't respond

by Redx
2,523206/22/2014 10:30PM
Last Post by bg4545

Gecko OS Region Free help

by Pebbly603
3,127106/22/2014 06:26AM
Last Post by Pebbly603

UAE WII and 3rd party classic controller

by Ponto
2,710306/04/2014 09:49PM
Last Post by oibaf

HBC/homebrew not recognizing second Wiimote

by skottac
5,332605/26/2014 04:51AM
Last Post by bugzme

What is wrong with my Homebrew Browser?

by G.G.
3,205305/25/2014 03:58AM
Last Post by G.G.

Priiloader settings to autoboot Wii Disc game at startup

by scotty_b_goode
3,213104/30/2014 02:04AM
Last Post by scotty_b_goode

VNC Server?

by 3happypenguins
2,830104/28/2014 08:55PM
Last Post by 3happypenguins

How to cartridge tilt on Wii64?

by angelboy777
2,873204/27/2014 05:29PM
Last Post by zeveroth

RSSMii not recieving feed updates

by BaffleBlend
2,824304/01/2014 03:00AM
Last Post by BaffleBlend

Snes9x GX and FCE Ultra GX just refresh my homescreen?

by dusf
3,368103/12/2014 11:13AM
Last Post by dusf

Saving Problem with Emulators

by FightingRivalry
2,859101/20/2014 12:57AM
Last Post by FightingRivalry

MP3+G Player doesn't seem to work

by wiipt
2,887112/23/2013 05:28AM
Last Post by wiipt

WiiSX Control Help

by bamboozle
3,432112/10/2013 02:38AM
Last Post by bamboozle

Homebrew problem or something else?

by polkor
3,582111/15/2013 08:12AM
Last Post by polkor