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New to this? Put your newb questions here. 
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Some random Questions.............   (Pages: 1 2)

by Want_To_Hack2009
3,5392401/27/2009 07:04PM
Last Post by Want_To_Hack2009
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Banned for what?

by Breana
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Need help with running applications

by FyshStyx
1,775301/27/2009 01:14PM
Last Post by Arikado

new 3.4E i need some help please thanxs

by merlinslair
2,6501201/27/2009 07:57AM
Last Post by smurff30

Twilight Hack Help...

by xLeafybug
2,556901/27/2009 04:11AM
Last Post by xLeafybug

Running Apps help

by paulie444
1,740201/27/2009 03:40AM
Last Post by DrLucky
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Mii Updater - removed from Wiibrew Banner

by tk007b
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System Menu 3.3u same as 3.3?

by Sanosuke
1,864401/27/2009 12:23AM
Last Post by Arikado

Hey guys!

by Whoami175
1,893701/26/2009 11:56PM
Last Post by pcmantinker


by GaryPSU
2,014301/26/2009 09:04PM
Last Post by Arikado

TH Wii with HBC issues: Please see post!

by Perfecteagle
2,5361001/26/2009 02:59AM
Last Post by Perfecteagle

Fixed itself, nvm

by Lavender
2,081101/25/2009 11:52PM
Last Post by Lavender

step by step how to install tp hack and homebrew.

by xx_xxsammiexx_xx
2,372401/25/2009 08:23PM
Last Post by bg4545

DVDx not working...

2,263301/25/2009 04:12PM
Last Post by DDMMCC

Apps won't run

by bleckman1974
2,127301/25/2009 02:32PM
Last Post by Arikado

Upgraded to 3.4E.....Did I do a bad thing?

by the1lemming
1,919201/25/2009 02:29PM
Last Post by Arikado

super smash wii64

by chickbits
2,046201/25/2009 08:10AM
Last Post by bg4545

noob needs help

by hamotman
2,0841101/25/2009 02:20AM
Last Post by Arikado

Wii Internet Connection using LAN Adapter with wired connection - BIG problems - please help me!!!!

by xxsammyxx
3,256201/25/2009 12:26AM
Last Post by pcmantinker

I'm on 3.0U and I'd like to homebrew...

by monsterx
1,947301/25/2009 12:17AM
Last Post by Arikado

Twilight hack failed

by izagudun
2,3651001/24/2009 11:54PM
Last Post by pcmantinker

Question about ntsc save data on pal wii.

by dan33333
2,029401/24/2009 07:16PM
Last Post by Arikado

Re: New Wii User in Need of Help!!!

by scotydoc
1,837201/24/2009 03:39PM
Last Post by Arikado

Re: New Wii User in Need of Help!!!

2,4461101/24/2009 12:01AM
Last Post by Arikado

Could use help on 3.3U wii

by au7oma7ic
2,344701/23/2009 04:23PM
Last Post by Arikado


by wolvesfan08
1,739201/23/2009 10:25AM
Last Post by ekeeke

Wich firmware i have on my Wii

by zwintje
2,202301/22/2009 07:06PM
Last Post by zwintje

Will a Japanese Wii work with this hack?

by parnld88
1,907301/22/2009 01:16AM
Last Post by parnld88

A little help...?

by GHNeko
2,098701/20/2009 06:27PM
Last Post by GHNeko

Which application is the Mario Kart Hack found on?   (Pages: 1 2)

by WhopperJr
7,0812601/20/2009 01:45AM
Last Post by WhopperJr